Thursday, October 28, 2010

Weekend projects

I have been guilty of ignoring my sewing machine too much this week, but for very good reasons! I ran out of interfacing and the book I was reading was stopping me from going to buy some more! Good news is my book is finished (good news for my partner, son and sewing machine that is) and I am all lined up with two projects for the weekend.

1. Pixie handbag converted in to a clutch with perhaps an optional chain strap. Using Keyka Lou design

2. Erin Erickson's iPhone pouch.

Well I'm going to try:)

Monday, October 25, 2010

Gorgeous kiddies flower

My darling little niece is so lucky to have a clever mummy! I love this new little flower my sister has made. Maddie is all ready for Melbourne Cup day... now for her Aunty!
Can't wait for my headpiece.... Apparently the purple Swarovski pearls have arrived and the finishing touches are being made. I am dying to have it in my hot little hands and as soon as I do I will share.

Made by Anna Robinson

Thursday, October 21, 2010

New clutch bags

With no pattern and no fishy material (can't have the one below sent to Aus) I have no swimming bag yet, but still in the pipeline...
Instead I made these little beauties from a Keyka Lou designed pattern and had heaps of fun. Great little clutches!

Alexander Henry's Pears & Apples fabric

Alexander Henry's Willow Wren Retro Birds fabric

Kaufman retro spots flowers pink purple

As you can tell I'm a big fan of Alexander Henry fabric!
His retro/cute fabrics work so well with Keyka Lou patterns - I'm working on a few of her other designs at the moment and finding her instructions easy to understand, just what I need when I'm still up at midnight sewing!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Pink Carnation Canvas

I am loving this beautiful canvas fabric - ideal for a cute little tote bag!
So stylish in such a girly way.

A Japanese imported canvas fabric by isso ecco.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Swimming bag

My son had his first swimming lesson yesterday (very proud mummy!), and even though he quietly whimpered through the whole 40 minutes, he actually did really well.
On the sidelines I was cheering when he timidly took one clenched hand off the instructor to hold the kick board, my heart leaped from my chest when he actually went close to water's surface to blow a bubble! So, as you can tell, my enthusiasm is huge for our new swimming adventure - I have decided to make a special swimming bag - hopefully for next Thursday's lesson...
I found this gorgeous material - it will be perfect!

The design is part of the walking fish collection by vickijenkinsart

Now to find a suitable pattern... In my searches, I have really only come up with tote bags so I might look at creating my own pattern.

I will save this project for tomorrow when Will is asleep - hope it's a long sleep.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Floral sensation!

Popped up to visit my sister today and give the kiddies a little play together... I did have an ulterior motive however. I am a huge fan of the material flowers my sister makes and I was in need of an accessory for the new 'slouch bag' I made yesterday, and she knew exactly the right thing!

This is my comfy 'slouch bag', I am very happy with the feel of this bag - the fabric I used was a thick cotton and a thick/soft calico as lining. It is kind of like a pyjama bag - very practical size (I seem to carry my life around with me) and easy to wear. It's a little plain without some sort of accessory - I think my sister's white flower is perfect:) Thanks Anna!

Couldn't resist the beautiful delicate pick chiffon rose too! Might be a good one for Melbourne Cup day - nah! Will have to order something bigger for sure.

The pink chiffon rose.
I have included some others she has been working on this week - LOVE them!

Just some of her beautiful feathers

I love these feathers - my imagination is running wild over the possibilities!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Inspiration sunday

I absolutely LOVE this fabric, by Alexander Henry! He created this 'Witch' fabric under his Halloween product line - I think it should be available all year round! Maybe I'm a little strange, but I think these witches and characters are fabulous, even beautiful and just the right amount of quirky.

Great for a tote bag with a slightly twisted difference.... oh and a nice one to bring out at the end of this month.